Lemon Pepper Wet Pistachios (2oz)

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Introducing the Lemon Pepper Wet Pistachios—a true representation of a modern cultural sensation. Our team has skillfully crafted these bite-size kernels using natural ingredients, capturing the flavor essence of everyone's favorite wing. We've successfully fused the vibrant culture of Atlanta with a healthier snacking option, resulting in a delectably addictive treat. Don't wait another moment, get your hands on a bag of these irresistibly addictive Lemon Pepper Wet Pistachios!

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Customer Reviews

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I just received my 16 bags on Saturday it is Monday and I only have 4 left.
They are so addictive you have to hide them from yourself! 😂

Briana Marshall
My favorite Goto snack

These are way better than any cookies, chips, cakes, or candy that you buy in the store! Not only are they a healthier alternative but I feel like I’m sucking on an actual lemon pepper chicken wing! They are packed with so much flavor and Im able to eat them on the go thanks to the size and resealable bag. Try them, you won’t regret it!!


Listen… let me tell y’all something!!!! These are by far the best pistachios I’ve ever had! They are so flavorful! The lemon pepper is evenly distributed on each nut so u enjoy every one! This is my go to snack for road trips, picnics, kick backs…these are the it snack! Gooooooooo get you some before I BUY THEM ALL LOL!

Abdullah S
Can’t go wrong !

I tried to get the exotic ranch flavor but they were sold out so I went with these and I can honestly say I don’t regret the purchase !!! They were really good and too seasoned !

Landis Marshall
First Time Buyer

I bought Lemon Pepper Wet & it was delicious, the packaging looks awesome as well!