About Us

A great snack should be apart of your lifestyle. Rebellion Harvest is a pistachio company that produces protein-packed flavored pistachios to make eating healthy easier and enjoyable.   Owner Ryan Scott had a thought and a goal to start what is now Rebellion Harvest  when he was 16 years old. He founded the company nearly 9 years later, in 2019 and began to expand throughout 2020.

Ryan calls Rebellion Harvest “a delicious and healthy social experiment for people to incorporate into their lifestyle. It’s more than a snack to eat but to it’s a snack to enjoy and elevate your tastebuds as well as our culture in the process.”

Rebellion Harvest embodies flavor that welcomes a new generation. Our goal is to provide a snack that is the representation of culture and society. Our pistachios are harvested to assure freshness & quality as well as the use of natural ingredients.  

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavor to snack healthier!