About Us



When Ryan was 16 years old (at the time) and living in a homeless shelter, he had the idea for Rebellion Harvest. At the time, the dream was simple: create a nut company that represents culture through flavor.  Over 8 Years later that idea became nothing shy but a reality with the same ideology as we sit here today!

Rebellion Harvest as Ryan describes it,  "is a social experiment for people to incorporate into their lifestyle" Constantly stating that eating healthier doesn't mean lose a sense of your self in the process. A good snack should embody everything you are and be a statement in the process" 

Our goal is to provide a snack that is the representation of culture and society through pistachios and flavor. Our pistachios are harvested to assure freshness & quality as well as the use of natural ingredients. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavor to eat healthier!