About Us


Welcome to Rebellion Harvest, where authenticity meets culture in every Sunflower Seed and Pistachio we create! Founded in 2019, our story is one of resilience, ambition, and dedication to making Sunflower Seeds & Pistachios that infuse authenticity! Our mission is to ignite your taste buds with a burst of culture and an explosion of flavor. Brace yourself for an extraordinary sunflower seed experience, where flavor takes center stage, and we don't hold back!Our Sunflower Seeds & Pistachios are a flavor sensation like no other, and we're not kidding when we say we're "Heavy On The Flavor." Say goodbye to bland, ordinary seeds & nuts and dive into a world of bold and authentic tastes.

Our journey began within a lot adversity, rooted in a state of homelessness and struggle. From these challenging beginnings, a powerful vision was born – to inspire individuals to break free from boundaries, through culture and flavor. We firmly believe that a dope snack should never compromise its authenticity. Over the years, that initial concept has blossomed into a thriving brand, with our products now gracing the shelves of over 25 stores and counting. With every bag of our delicious snacks sold, we contribute to the ongoing battle against homelessness in America. We want to use our dope snacks to give back to our community. We are dedicated to being the preferred Sunflower Seed & Pistachio choice for this generation and next!

Stay Rebellious!