Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Sunflower Seeds (1.5oz)

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Pink Himalayan Sunflower Seeds! We have carefully curated these seeds using organic Himalayan Salt, which imparts a rich and vibrant salty flavor, far surpassing the blandness of regular salt options commonly found in stores.

Say Goodbye to the conventional original flavor and embrace this exciting NEW VERSION that elevates your snacking experience to new heights! Get your hands on our Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Sunflower Seeds today!

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Customer Reviews

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Walter Quinn

Seeds are Quality, and flavorful

Nah These Solid!

Honestly, these seem to be their unique take on the original! If you expect them to have a vastly different taste than the original, you might be mistaken. However, I must admit that these somehow offer a richer flavor compared to the original David sunflower seeds. The saltiness is just right – not too much, not too little. It's perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed these and would highly recommend them, especially if you're a fan of the classic OG flavor! Don't complain if you don't like these...its literally their version of the basic original flavor with slightly better! So if you like ORIGNAL you will like these....IF YOU DON'T DON'T GET THEM! COMMON SENSE! 10/10 Recommend!


Nice and not too salty. Tge Himalayan salt has more depth than regular salt.


I really didn’t like them

Ebony L.
Absolute Best!!!

Ok so first of all, sunflower seeds are nostalgic for me... Growing up they were my go to snack... Those Lance sunflower seeds my momma would yell about us getting the shells all over the fast forward and these bad boys right here... Chefs kiss 💯